SMART WATER is a New Jersey-based company that provides your home or business with cooler systems for fresh, pure water.

Interested? We have a simple video that explains the process from start to finish. Click here to view it.


Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced company with over 20 years of service in the water cooling industry. Our guarantees include:

  • • filtration systems guaranteed to fit your needs
  • • the clean and drinkable water you want
  • • low-cost rentals and sales
  • • prompt customer service
  • • and multiple billing options for your convenience.

The Advantages:

You get great tasting water! But if that isn't enough, here are some more advantages to using SMART WATER products:

  • • We offer unbeatably friendly and efficient service: it's guaranteed!
  • • Our system is economical and convenient: no bottles to store, no deliveries to accept and no orders to place!
  • • We offer discounts on more than three coolers and provide free and discreet installation of the cooler at your home or office location.

Our Products:

SMART WATER offers solutions for both the Home and Office, such as:

  • • In-counter filtration systems discreetly placed next to a sink
  • • Full-sized, hot and cold water coolers
  • • Counter-top coolers for space-limited locations.

All of our products come with filtration systems and regular filter changes on a frequent basis. Click here to learn more about our products!