About Smart Water Inc.

Smart Water. The Green Solution to drinking water.
That has been our mission at Smart Water, Inc. for the past twenty years. We have sought to bring the best quality service to our customers. Our company uses only the highest quality products from coolers and filters that way you are guaranteed the best and most clean-tasting water. Our customer service surpasses large companies as we are a family-run business which takes pride in detailed and personal attention.

Our clients are generally in the Central Jersey Area and are primarily small businesses of all sorts. We service hospitals, doctors' offices, warehouses, schools and nearly any other establishment you can think of that provides water for employees! We even service private homes with specialized systems!

Our History...
Smart Water, Inc. was started over 20 years ago. At first we supplied the area with Coffee and Water Coolers for the area. Eventually we sold the Coffee part of our business, and opened up as 'Smart Water,' focusing only on the water cooler and filtration aspect of the business. This gave us the opportunity to focus in on perfecting our cooler and filtration services.

Today, Smart Water continues to run with the same goal in mind. Our business has always been family-owned, and is currently in the second generation. This family-oriented strategy allows us to remain close to our customers and give you quality service that makes doing business a pleasure.