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What we do: We are a New Jersey based company that provides businesses and homes with clean water products and services.

We are local and know the water issues in the area.


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Recent changes on tap:
Most public water is no longer treated with chlorine. Instead, it is treated with chloramine which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Traditional carbon filters will not remove chloramine.

Our systems remove chloramine and a host of other things.






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The Intelligent Scale Solution™ has arrived.

OneFlow® from Watts is based in science. Using a specially designed media, scale forming molecules are transformed into harmless crystals that won’t stick to pipes and components, eliminating scale for good.

Oneflow image


Under-Sink Filtration System 

These systems fit under a sink and can be attached to an existing faucet, separate faucet, ice machine or refrigerator. Our systems are small, stylish and cost-effective. You have the option to purchase or rent.

We have several of under-sink systems, here are two popular options:

Reverse Osmosis (4-Stage Filtration): This system can remove 90% of dissolved solids to provide the purest drinking water for your home or office. The system is able to process up to 100gal/day. What does the system remove? 

We offer a new high efficiency membranes for Pentair. Standard Reverse Osmosis Membranes send 3-4 gallons of water to the drain for each gallon of purified water produced. The new Pentair GRO Membranes have a 1 to 1 ratio on purified water to rejected water.

You may watch a small video on this new feature by clicking the following link:  

Carbon block system: This system is ideal for an existing faucet, coffee makers, refrigerators, water fountains and ice makers. We offer a variety of stylish faucets to choose from (ranging from chrome to colored and polished faucets) to stylishly fit in with your kitchen sink. This system is idea for confined spaces like a kitchen, where water is used for cooking & drinking.

Click on the image below to open up a brief brochure about the power of a Reverse Osmosis system:

(Link to Brochure)


Did you know: Reverse Osmosis can remove particles many times smaller than a human hair? Click on the image below to open up a brief brochure about the power of a Reverse Osmosis system:


3 stage uv viqua picture

  • A UV light is kept inside the cold tank of your cooler. Each time water is drawn out, the light flashes a quick beam, killing any bacteria that may exist in the water! 

    Be sure to ask about special needs filters! We have systems designed for Coffee brewers, espresso machines, ice machines, Water fountains, cold beverage machines etc.


The installation of your cooler or filtration system is done by a trained professional and is FREE with the rental of your cooler.

Installation typically takes less than an hour, depending on existing water lines at a sink or faucet. We take care of everything, and its actually fairly simple (well, for us). It is similar to installing a phone line. Just discreet water lines with no bottles around.

We take care of everything, and its actually fairly simple (well, for us). Its as straightforward as installing a phone line, cable jack or an icemaker. Just think; no messy install, discreet water lines, and professional installation, all for free!


Cooler rentals start at around $35 per month. Let a representative call you and give you the most accurate pricing for your situation.

Coolers can be purchase as well. Email or call for a quote. Service for your cooler purchased elsewhere. No problem. Email or call for a quote.


This is probably the best way to learn about Smart Water. Enjoy the movie! (Click the Video To Start!)




You may also want to learn about our One Flow System which we offer. The following video explains what it is, and how it works.