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What is Backflow

Cross-connections-mixing of government water supply and contaminants / pollutants-pose a public health hazard. Contaminants may enter drinking water systems when a polluted source of water exceeds the drinking source pressure. The action is called "backsiphonage" or "backflow". Documented instances of contamination with government water supplies included sodium hydroxide from a chemical industry as a consequence of a water supply break, poisonous herbicide chemicals from a storage tank and even human blood from a funeral home improperly draining liquids for embalming.
Backflow prevention devices can be installed to replace direct connections. Device selection is based on the degree of cross-connection hazard, as well as piping size, location and other factors.


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Preparation for a technician visit

  1. Locate your Backflow Preventer. The device should come into the building on your main water supply and be adjacent to your water meter. If you are unable to find the machine and you are a corporate or industrial company, please contact the facility owner. If you're a homeowner, we can help you find your backflow preventer.

  2. Client Availability. In order for our technician to access the backflow preventer, please ensure that you have access to it. In case there is a key required to get to it, you it should be available on the day of inspection or installation.

  3. Contact the local water authority, and get the backflow testing letter before the technician visit.

  4. We may need to shut off your water supply during the testing, which may last anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

  5. In case your existing backflow preventer fails the test, we will give you the pricing for the installation of a new one. You can work with the technician to establish a date and time for installation.

  6. Service available throughout NJ. FREE estimates.